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Worship: (a definition)


Worship is...

our response,

both personal and corporate,

to God ó

for who God is!

and what God has done!

Expressed in and by the things we say

and the way we live.


















































What God has revealed to us about Godís self is beyond our words of gratitude. What God has done on our behalf makes it impossible for us to ever repay God.


But what we can do in return is give God everything we have through a life of worship.


For far to long, people have been cheating God, somehow thinking that they can offer him a half hearted song on Sunday morning.


But God isnít honored by words a song alone. When it comes to worship, itís the total package that mattersówhat you say, how you say it, and whether you mean it.


At MCCP, when we come together in worship, we come together offering our very best to God. Filled with an awareness of Godís presence and desiring to give God the glory that God deserves.


Because our worship is an offering to God, we do not set a time to bring our gathering to a close. Our worship will definitely include lively music and  an inspiring message. It is possible however, that it may also include dance, the usage of worship tools such as flags, a time of anointing and healing and even impromptu responses to the Glory of God!



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