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MCC Philadelphia is a revolutionary church, with transformational worship and relevant ministries. We strive to be a place of comfort, hope, and safety to all people.

Being empowered through discipleship, MCCP exists to become alive in Christ and to receive the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit while actively impacting and uplifting the LGBTQ Community in a revolutionary, Christ-like fashion. We proclaim the life changing Good News of God’s love to the LGBTQ Community and beyond; and MCCP provides a safe, accepting spiritual refuge to the LGBTQ Community.

MCCP will become an internationally recognized LGBTQ and friends Christian church that offers charismatic, Spirit-filled worship services and affirming, Biblically-based training. We will become a teaching church for future ministers. MCCP will strive to provide counseling and support to those in need and a safe refuge for those in religiously persecuted and abusive situations. We will be universally recognized champions for human rights issues and will continue to be committed to health-related education, particularly HIV. We will be known for development of additional ministries housed within our own building that address unmet needs and will also be known for our key role in efforts that unite the Philadelphia-area LGBTQ Community and friends in spiritual fellowship, community events and collaborative support services.

Core Values:
• Excellence in energetic, transformational worship.
• Meeting the needs of the LGBTQ Community
• Liberal application of our traditional Christian foundation.
• Being Christ-centered and Spirit-filled.
• An LGBTQ affirming, Biblically-based message.
• Being open to all people.
• Offering a family oriented environment that cares for and supports  congregants in all stages of life.


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